Friday, September 27, 2019

Kunjungi butik SOMETIME by Asian Designers di The Gardens Mall

Back in 2012, I received my first sponsored bag from SOMETIME by Asian Designers. It was a green bag, I still remember. With zig zag patterns and colourful! And I know from this moment I fell in love with this brand. The bag was from a collaboration between famous blogger & Youtuber Maria Elena. Well of you guys still have no idea of what I am talking about.. feel free to roam around my olderrrr blogposts regarding the bag.

How time flies, now it has been 7 years, and from time to time I am so proud to see this brand grew so much and collaborated with big names and brands countrywide. And of course, they came out with so many unique, practical and gorgeous designs!! And now, they have a physical store where customers can come over to see their latest products closely, to be amazed by the material and quality and might end up bringing something home from the store! LOL.

The purchase was always need to be made via their website, but with their newly opened store that located in The Gardens Mall, it will be easier for those who prefer walk-in purchase and you will get the chance to see and test their products! Not only they are selling handbags or sling bags, they have an array of choices from canvas bag, bag pack, wristlets and also accessories like passport holders, key rings and bag tags!

They are displaying their latest collections in the boutique, and as I went there last week, they are having their latest BASKET shoes in front of the boutique. I am so excited as I went there for the shoes! They first launched BASKET shoes in white and different colors of back strip. Now they are selling a collection of solid colors BASKET shoes. Yeah you can definitely purchase the shoes thru their website but for me, I personally like going to the store and try out the pairs myself, just to ensure I get the right fit.

So as you can see, I tried on the BASKET in Nude because I thought it matches my outfit on that day, little did I know I fell in love with the color immediately. Plus, most of my shoes were in black or dark colors. So it's time to have something new and different from my existing shoes collection. So I chose BASKET in Nude color, because I think this color is easy to match with any outfit styles or colors. Well, I hope so. Because I am not that fashionista, sooo yeah. LOL.

And ohh a friend of mine, Adriana Adnan was at the store too. I just done choosing my shoes, and was munching on some brownies when she arrived. After we chose our shoes, the brand's rep told us that they have another surprise for us - we can chose 1 bag of our preferences! OMG OMG it felt like a dream to me. I think I received their Coley Bag not long ago, and now they were telling me I can choose new bag?? Oh ohh my they are angels! So generous! In the picture above, me and Adriana were trying on HANIS bag, I really like this one because it can be styled in 3 different ways.

After roaming around the store, I decided to go with this KITA bag, their latest bag collaboration with Mimpi Kita. Awesome, right! Buttt I wont tell you guys what color I chose, you guys will have to wait until I upload my OOTD with the bag in my instagram. But I super love this bag! Haven't got the chance to grab it when it was first launched because I was traveling during that time.

A closer look of BASKET shoes in Nude that I chose during my visit to the store and my COLEY bag in Mustard that I received not long ago. 

Anddd we are done shopping! Haha. Thank you so so much SOMETIME for having us. They even served us with delightful desserts! Kindly follow me on my instagram for more photos of me wearing SOMETIME's products. I love their products! The designs are all amazing with top notch quality. Kindly follow SOMETIME on their social media platform for more news and info about products!

SOMETIME by Asian Designers



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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Kedai Cermin Mata Murah dan Viral di Sungei Wang Plaza KL


Pernah tahun lepas rasanya Nisa kongsikan mengenai tempat buat cermin mata murah yang teramat dekat Sungei Wang Plaza. Nisa kongsikan melalui laman Twitter. Bangun je esok pagi mak oii sampai beribu-ribu retweet kepada tweet tu! Tapi tu kisah tahun lepas lah. Nak cari balik tweet tu entah kat mana-mana tah. 

Tak sangka rupanya ramaiiii lagi yang tak tahu dekat Sungei Wang Plaza ada kedai cermin mata yang jual spek murah gilaaa dan kedai tu went viral jugak. Haa nak kongsi melalui Twitter susah nak kongsi lebih banyak info sebab satu tweet ada limit kan. So alang-alang tu, eloklah kiranya Nisa kongsikan melalui blog je senang baca semua info sekali harung.

Kedai yang Nisa pergi buat cermin mata ni nama dia EYE SMART VISION, bertempat di lot G114 Ground Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza. Dari jauh dah perasan kedainya yang senang nak cari dekat level G tu dan suasana kedai yang luas dan cerah. Haaaa konfem selesa nak pilih-pilih cermin mata nanti. Makin Nisa datang dekat, makin bersinar-sinar mata Nisa tengok pilihan bingkai cermin mata yang bermacam.

Macam biasalah, orang yang rabun tinggi macam Nisa dan bekerja pulak depan skrin phone atau komputer.. setiap kali pergi kedai nak buat cermin mata mesti kena check dulu power mata semasa. Kot lah silau naik ke, power naik ke berbanding tahun lepas. Haa setelah check, ternyata silau Nisa meningkat berbanding tahun lepas. Jadi, penting untuk Nisa buat cermin mata dengan lens yang sesuai untuk silau.

Bila dah check power dan silau, maka tibalah masa untuk masuk ke bilik kelakar ni. Haha! Kenapa kelakar? Sebab macam biasalah kita kena pakai bingkai ni, dan staff akan bantu kita uji lens yang mana sesuai untuk our current sight condition. Dalam bilik nilah biasa kita akan check cerah ke tak, jelas ke tak kalau tengok tulisan kecil. 

Here comes the fun part of buying new spectacles - choosing frames!! Memang excited sangat sebab kedai EYE SMART VISION ni ada banyak sangat pilihan! Amboi memang pening nak pilih yang mana satu.. sebab banyak yang cantik, yang latest trend, yang Korean style.. eh semualah. Okay memandangkan cermin mata lama Nisa berbingkai tebal dan style cat-eye, jadi Nisa nak cari style yang berlawanan.

Semasa kunjungan Nisa ke EYE SMART VISION minggu lalu, Nisa diberitahu transparent frame ni adalah trend semasa yang menjadi kegilaan ramai. Nisa perasan juga tu, ramai dah kawan-kawan yang beli bingkai cermin mata macam ni. Nisa nak jugak beli bingkai begini, tapi target Nisa adalah bingkai halus atau yang lebih nipis. 

Haaa punyalah bermacam jenis bingkai yang ada dekat EYE SMART VISION ni, mudah je nak cari apa yang kita nak. Tapi jadi susah nak buat keputusan sebab banyak yang cantik-cantik!! Bingkai cermin mata Korean style pun masih menjadi tumpuan ramai. Ramai juga yang datang memilih-milih bingkai jenis ni.


Di EYE SMART VISION, mereka menawarkan lensa yang khas untuk mereka yang mempunyai level silau yang tinggi. Lensa ini dipanggil Alpha 420 dan lensa ini akan membantu untuk menghalang cahaya tembus cermin mata anda. Ini sangat sangat membantu untuk mereka yang mempunyai silau yang tinggi dan sukar untuk memandu di waktu malam terutamanya. Berbaloi sangat tambah sedikit wang untuk tukar kepada lens Alpha 420 ini. 

Dan selepas pilih pemeriksaan mata serta pemilihan bingkai, anda hanya perlu tunggu 1 jam sahaja ! Sekejap jee tu! Dalam Sungei Wang Plaza tu ada macam-macam kedai, boleh window shopping dulu atau lepak minum dan makan. Takkan sedar punya 1 jam berlalu macam tu je, tahu-tahu je dah boleh datang ambil cermin mata. Mudah bukan?

Kenapa Nisa pilih EYE SMART VISION ??
  • Harga murah dan sangat berpatutan. 
  • Lensa khas Alpha 420 sangat berbaloi untuk mereka yang silau tinggi.
  • Kos tambahan untuk pilihan lens yang lebih nipis berpatutan!
  • Pilihan bingkai yang pelbagai dan trend terkini.
  • Cermin mata siap dalam masa 1 jam sahaja.
  • Staff yang sangat membantu dan informative.
  • Ruang kedai yang terang dan luas selesa untuk Nisa move around memilih bingkai.

Pendek kata memang best lah EYE SMART VISION ni! Di Sungei Wang Plaza sahaja dah ada 3 outlet di bawah syarikat yang sama. Tapi, yang Nisa pergi ni merupakan outlet mereka yang paling terkini dan baru bukak di G floor. Senang nampak dari escalator. Siapa yang nak buat cermin mata, boleh ramai-ramai ke EYE SMART VISION, kedai cermin mata murah dan viral di Sungei Wang Plaza.



Lot G114, G Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur


Nisa Kay.

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