Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NESTLE DRUMSTICK Most Adventurous Challenge !




Amboi amboi tajuk nye kemain lagu adventurous bagai. Haaa ni nak cerita kat korang. Minggu lepas Nestle ada bukak booth Most Adventurous Challenge kat depan pintu masuk Sunway Lagoon. Aku sampai kat sana konon-konon awal dah, sekali dah ramai rupenye kat sana. Hahahaa..



Me and my best friend arrived at 10.30am I think, but the weather was freaking hot that day. Thanks to Nestle they were giving away FREE ICE CREAMS ! All we did just flashed our LINE apps in our device to the staff, and here we go, enjoying the cold and delicious Nestle ice cream in the hot weather !




Bloggers friends who came that day. They all tried this challenge! I was veryyy hesitate at first. Actually I was scared. Because through the screen outside the booth, I can see the situation inside. Have you watched WIPE OUT at AXN Channel? Yeah the challenge was something similar like the one in Wipe Out. So I was scared that I will be wiped out and fail the challenge! HAHA.




A blogger who was very eager to enter the challenge booth, take the ice cream from the ice box inside and come out within 5 seconds. Yeah man, if you manage to escape within 5 seconds, you will win FREE ALL-PARK PASSES to Sunway Lagoon and RM50 cash ! Woww thanks to Nestle for that ! But if you fail to get out within 5 seconds, you can still win the free passes.




The brave blogger friends who tried and won themselves FREE PASSES to Sunway Lagoon upon completing the challenge ! Woww.. Even the cutest blogger on earth, Yuyu Zulaikha, tried and managed to get through, so why can’t I ?




So yeah I took the challenge and get ready as fast as I could, because I actually had a meeting to attend after this event and I really dont want to leave before I tried this most adventurous challenge ! Even though I was scared, I still want to overcome my fear though. LOL.




PLEASE DONT TRY THIS AT HOME LOL !!! I dont know what kind of pose was thatttt. I just realize I have this picture in my camera after I got back home. Haha just cannot stop laugh at myself. I think I was doing a waka waka dance to make myself less nervous. LOL !!




I entered the dark booth and start looking for the ice box. I grabbed an ice cream and ran through the obstacles and…




YEAHHH !! I DID IT !!! I managed to escape within 5 seconds and won RM50 cash together with Free All-Park passes to Sunway Lagoon !! Yeayy I did it !! I did it !! Never thought I could beat the time though, guess I was veryy lucky ! THANK YOU NESTLE !




And those who missed the challenge booth you still can participate in NESTLE DRUMSTICK Most Adventurous Challenge and win cool prizes ! All you have to do is like Nestle Drumstick fanpage and go to DST Most Adventurous Apps for more info of how to join and so on okayh !




Sooo many prizes to be won ! Could it be YOU? Or youuu?? Or youuu ?? Haaa we wouldnt know that unless you join the challenge ! Dont forget go to DST Most Adventurous Apps for more info ya ! Good luck !




# This is a sponsored post by Nestle #


  1. Wah bestnyer. teringin nak join event yg lasang cenggini

  2. congratulations hehe...anyway..Salam…saya blogwalking kat sini. Jemput datang ke blog saya yer http://ibu2ahmad.blogspot.com. Saya follow sis n kalau sudi follow la saya balik yer…

  3. mesti thrill kan? Teringin la nak join event camnih.



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