Thursday, February 21, 2013

Songs that will definitely rock the Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash party!


Hello everyone..



It has been a while since I attend a concert.. Well, this time I’m NOT going to a concert but a birthday party!! Hey hey our Nuffnang’s Stickman here is turning 6 very soon and yeah I wanna join the birthday bash so bad! I couldn’t join last year because of some unexpected problems! Duhh let’s just forget it.


422091_10150644068871870_950355896_nLast year’s Nuffnang’s Birthday Bash at Neverland KL.


So this year I’m expecting bigger, louder and more fun birthday bash! So, let’s just imagine that I’m going to a concert. It will be great and fun if my favourite songs being played at the party! And hope others will be enjoying the songs too! And here are some of the songs that I think will rock the party wohooo!!



The Cataracs - Alcohol (Remix) ft. Sky Blu
(Dance all night long yeahh!! )




Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj
(Heyy heyy JB has been growing up okay, and so do his songs. This one could be more fun if the DJ do a remix for it.)




Maroon 5 - One More Night
(Do some remixes please Mr DJ ! We’re breathing the same air, people! Turn up the love and just have fun throughout the partyyyy)




2NE1 – I Am The Best
(We certainly cannot deny how hot Kpop songs nowadays, and there are some songs that can make you dance and move according to the beats!)



Pitbull infotecdj

Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony
(I always always loveee PITBULLL!!! Goshhh his sexy eyes, and when he raps I just couldn’t stop myself dance to his songs!)



And guyssss have you ever heard of DEEZER ?? Well, if you’re the type of people who don’t really have time to download songs and hate filling up your hard disk memory with songs, DEEZER IS THE PLACE ! Listen to latest songs and create your own playlist online! And hey check this out, I already registered with the site. It was so easy, logging in with your facebook!


Capture DEEZER


I’ve been exploring this DEEZER site and I find it is really cool. I don't have to spend my precious time Googling around where to download FREE mp3 songs, blergghh! See, I even created a special playlist for NN Stickman’s Birthday muehehehee~ And look, you can even share your playlist with your friends on Facebook and Twitter !


Capture share fbShared it on my facebook.


Capture share twitterShared it on twitter too!! Hik hik hik~



nurayunni said...

wow..nice blog..:)

Hanida Moss said...

nak attend birthday nuffnang jugak!

AmyZana said...


deq noor said...

i spot myself in the pic! hee... ramai gak yg buat entry ni. nak buat jugak lah. boleh jumpa nisa.. :)

LaLa mhdnor said...

gud luck Nisa =D

AlyzaFisol said...

gud luck nisa!!!hopefully bleh jumpa...lame dh kita tak jumpa kan... :)

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