Saturday, February 9, 2013

CELCOM PORTAWIFI – Your wifi on the go !


As a blogger, I always spend my time outside, meeting people, attending events and many more. And most of the time too, I had to carry my laptop or my other devices such as iPad or iPod to events because sometimes I need to do a live update. But what if the place I go dont even have wifi????

Sometimes I was frustrated because I came with my laptop on the back, or carry around my devices, but then.. no WIFI??? Howw can I work like this? And apparently my old broadband didn’t give much help.. It was so slow when I want to connect with internet and it is totally useless when I’m on the road. I mean when you stuck in traffic jam, what can you do other than singing along with the songs you listen from radio?


I was wondering IF there is any broadband that can do more or give more advantage rather than being used at laptop only. And yeah I’ve been reading about this BIGGGG thing from Celcom ! It’s Celcom Portawifi ! A broadband now, not just a plain broadband! It can be your wifi modem at home, in the car or using it with laptop!


I think this is the coolest portable wifi device that I ever known! I always, alwaysss wanted to have a wifi device in the car, so that I will not be so boring in a long journey or stuck in the traffic jam! Because I have devices that can only work with wifi only.. So, Celcom Portawifi is the best choice for me !

And this is best for families too. How? Well, children might get tired and boring in the long journey going back to hometown. And when they’re boring, they tend to make noise and fight with each other. To make them behave, one of the way is give them an iPad or any devices, let them play games and online. Ahaaa! This time Celcom Portawifi will become so handy !

With PortaWiFi, you can surf up to speeds of 21Mbps and share the connection with up to 5 friends! So stay online and connected wherever you go ! And GOOD NEWS to all of you ! Get a Celcom Portawifi device with only RM99 by trading in your old broadband with a brand new Portawifi! How cool is that?? And you guys can enjoy rebates of up to RM276 when you sign up with any Celcom First Data plan ! Easy peasy right?


Ouhhh you dont have any old broadband to trade in but still want to own this super cool Celcom Portawifi ?? No worries, you can still enjoy rebates up to RM216 by signing up with any of our Celcom First Data plans.


See? Now everybody can enjoy having your own wifi wherever you go! And please take note everyone, in order to trade in your old broadband with Celcom Portawifi RM99 only, you MUST make sure that your broadband still in good working condition okay? Dont come and give them something that has broken :(


WHERE TO GET Celcom Portawifi ?? Go to your nearest Blue Cube outlet and start networking and connecting using your personal wifi woot woot!! Trade in your old broadband NOW and enjoy fasttttt connection with Celcom Portawifi !




  1. nice.. aku peminat setia, pengguna celcom sejak aku tingkatan 3...

  2. 21mbps tu laju giler la. sedap kalau nak mendownload..

    biasa downloader tunjuk speed dlm MBps (Bytes per second). tgk huruf besar or kecik. Mbps (mega bit per second).

    so, 21mbps = lebih kurang 2.6 MBps (aku kira 21000/8)

    tapi yg tak best volume/limit quota yg dorang tetapkan.

    bagi aku la, tak guna kalau provide internet laju tapi customer takleh guna manfaat tu sepenuhnya.

    contoh 4GB tu agak2 boleh tahan sampai bila? seminggu, dua minggu? kalau yg kaki download mcm aku ni tak smpai seminggu boleh abes quota tu.

    kalau internet tu setakat nk buat browse internet, bukak fb, blog ape bagai, speed 1 - 2 Mbps dah cukup sgt.

  3. Boleh tahan ni. Cuma kuota tu yg tak sedap mata memandang.



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