Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Castle Restaurant, Kg Baru




Last Friday, I purposely followed my brother (Meuz) and two of my cousins (Along Asha & Abg Fazli) to Ikano Damansara. Too bad we left home so late, so when we reached Ikano, most of the shops were already closing and they didn’t allow any other new customers to come in. Urgghh. So Abang Fazli was a bit dissapointed because he already withdrawed his money but had to go home with empty hands.


Well.. it’s sort of a tradition for most of the male cousins to hang out whenever all of our family members gathered. And that very night, they picked up one of our cousin who is arriving KL from north. And they decided to go to their usual “port”. Well they asked me if it is okay for me to follow them, so I just agreed.



So their official port is THE CASTLE RESTAURANT, located at Kampung Baru KL. It' is an Arabic restaurant. So I was like,”Ouhhh this IS their official hang out spot?? I thought it will be just regular mamak restaurant...”



Along Asha and my brother MEUZ ANGELO.



Angah Opie. His friends at UNITEN called him Apache. Haha what a weird name though. He’s the groom tomorrow! It was late but still he came and meet us.



Drinks. Arabic tea and barbicans.



1KG MIXED GRILL!!! We decided not to order individual meals. So Abg Fazli suggested to order a big meal that can cater each one of us. Damn good this meal! Served with soft naan breads. Aaahhh so good! Will ask them to bring me again to this place ! There are grilled potatoes, muttons, chicken and meat in the big tray. Goshhh how can I say eh? This meal is truly delicious and can share with up to 5 or 6 person!




Ahhhhh finally we managed to finished 1KG MIXED GRILL!! Hmmm.. the price is about RM130 for this one tray of grilled mutton, meat, chicken, potatoes with naan bread.


So thank you cousinsssss for bringing me here. Kinda cool place. And yeah I’m the FIRST girl in the family joining them at their official hang out spot. Hope can go there again and try other Arabic food!




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  2. kalau lepak kl malam2 mmg sini tmpt biasa bdk2 lepak. tapi kene berduit sikit la.. tak pun setakat minum je la.. haha

  3. sama mcam bf pny kawan2 suka lepak sini..lepak spot hehehe

  4. dulu2 masa diploma selalu g overnight sini!kedai ni bukak sampai pukul 4 pagi selalunya after midnight movie lepak sini le minum2 nnti leh la lepak ngan nisa.:)

  5. Makan 1KG pon tak abes jugak?? gila banyak nehhhh..hehehe

  6. Dapnyerrrr grilled meat!!!! Omnomnom!



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