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IMBASAN 2012 – Events !




Woohooo.. I mentioned in my previous post that year 2012 was the greatest and sweetest year for me so far right? Yeahh because I finished my diploma in November 2011, and while waiting for degree intake in September 2012, I got loads of time to spend and focus moreeee on my blog! I joined bloggers’ gathering.. meeting and know them closer. And thanks to my blogger friend, she brought me to events for blogger and eventually I got my own invitation !


What a busy year but yet I love being busy.. I mean busy attending events… free food and goodies (ahahah!!!).. meeting new people and mingle around with celebrities woot woot! But hello.. blogging and attending those events are not about popularity and gain high page views.. for someone like me – who fond blogging so much – it is beyond that.. it is about satisfaction ! So let see some of the events I went to last year!


2 reflection

REFLECTION 2012 at Blackbox, Publika. Wooo my self-esteem became very low mingle with these beautiful ladies! There were pretty and stylish muslimahs at the event and I was so embarrassed that I dressed so simple compare to them :( But thank you so much CALAQISYA for the exclusive invitation.



5 - NK

I dont remember I got invitation to Norish Karman’s exclusive album preview with blogger from who. I think it’s BRO FRAMESTONE ?? Huuu I can’t recall! But I had so much fun during the event. Norish was such a lovely lady and she is very friendly person. She even cooked for us ! Yummeh!




My blog traffic went crazeeyy when I updated my blog about this event. Yeah.. it is NEELOFA who made like everyone read my blog. Well, maybe they just want to see Neelofa’s picture. Hohoo.. The event was AVON Celebrating Mother’s Day and Color Shine Lipstick Launch.




The best concert I went to last year! It was Twin Towers Live 2012. They invited SNSD from Korea, and Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls! Woot woot! I enjoyed the show sooo muchhh!! And I still can remember how the kpop fans screamed the moment SNSD appear on the stage, and how enjoyed I was during Nicole’s performance.




Private event with LOREAL. Got lotsa free make ups ! Woot woot!




More free items from Body Shop!! Three of us are the only blogger who attended the event! It was a private event and each one of us got an empty bag, and we can fill it with free items yeah!




LEVI’S GO FORTH Fashion Show. I melted as I saw all those handsome and greatly good looking male models on the runway stage! HAHA!!




Fun LIBRESSE’ event! We played games and my group won! Woot woot!




Heee so handsome RANDY PANGALILA. This pic was taken during his raya show recording.



4 - twiteraazi AJL

Another great thing happened in 2012! TV3 invited me to be one of the Twiterazzi for AJL. What we did was tweet and tweet and tweet and post pictures of AJL !




Andddd… I never ever dreaming of a series of FREE TRAVELS ! Goshhh I am truly grateful to Allah for this opportunity! I joined Kembara Media Fotografi Cuti-cuti 1 Malaysia, organized by Majalah Santai. I met new friends, and they are from the mass media’s field. I went to Pangkor, Johor and Kuantan.. For free! ALHAMDULILLAH !!!




It’s me, picture was taken during Pure Beauty event. Heee I look extremely different with more make up and contact lens on right? Hahaha.


Thanks for reading! I just love love love my 2012 ! There were lots of good things happened and thanks to Allah, family and friends who support me all the way! My blog is my entertainment, to share with my readers and also a place for me to express my feelings.


All the events I mentioned above are the highlights for my 2012. There are lots of other events that I went to last year, but pheww I just cant share all of them, or I will not stop typing until tomorrow morning! Hehee… And I hope my 2013 will be as good as 2012 or, greater! Thank you for reading! Muahhh!!





  1. Bro framstone pun ada? hehehe.. tahniah.. sngt untung woo.. :P

  2. hahhhh pengsann tgok byk giller event.. haha

  3. Wah, private event with LOREAL tu. I hope I can go there one day too.

  4. irine comel ! masa ni dia belum kawin eh ?

  5. bestnya!!!btw..awak ni sgt cute la..natural beauty..

    follow me k..

  6. wah byk btul join events 2012 ye.. congrats.. Alhamdulillah.. rezeki Allah perluaskn..

  7. knp nampak makin kurus ni dik.. hihihi comel kamu.. syoknye dpt pergi sana sini free

  8. alhamdulillah untungnye jadi seorang yg bernama nisa kay ^_^

  9. Semua best-best, untung lah hehe :p



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