Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be a better person with a better appearance and style! Check out THALASSA!


Haaa… salam tahun baru semua !! Apa azam tahun baru korang? Aku ada banyak jugak azam tahun ni.. tapi aku fokus kepada beberapa perkara saja.. nak letak macam-macam target takut jugak sebab takut tak terdaya nak mencapai kesemuanya! Apa-apa pun salah satu azam baru tahun ni ialah to be a better person than last year!

To be a better person not only related to good behaviour or religious practice, but be a person with a better appearance can also be counted. Ambuiii speaking gitu. Entah betul entah tidak grammar haku. Oh my english! Want to be a person with beautiful appearance, today we have many choices in terms of style and fashion. And THALASSA is one of the great choices that we have in the market!


INSTAGRAM : @thalassaofficial

So good to find such a place with generous amount of choices of fashionable pieces ! From head to toe, I personally love the style that THALASSA brought.. and the name is unique itself! Isn’t it? Let's look at the latest goods brought by THALASSA.


OUTERWEAR! Cardigans / jackets or any type of outerwear is a must-have for girls! Patterned outerwears are very easy to match with any plain shirt and jeans. Or match it with a plain long dress, wear it with pallazo or maxi skirt! See how many style that you can create with just a piece of outerwear! Seeing THALASSA’s outerwears’ new arrival really make my jaw dropped!! Came with fresh and unique design, really can be matched with other fashion pieces I mentioned earlier!


What a unique fashion piece they have !! It’s TIE DYE PEPLUM ! Wowww Peplums have been so popular lately and there are many custom patterns and styles of peplums in the market. The one that THALASSA offer you definitely unique, bold and rare! Not only we always see tie dye shawls, dress and skirt, now we also have tie dye peplums! Get one from THALASSA before they’re gone!


PLAIN DRESSES are always evergreen! The style remains through the changing and evolving fashion world. Plain maxi dress is a must-have in your wardrobe girls! Easy to match with shawls, hijab, handbag and shoes! Mix-and-match can always help you in creating new style whenever you out of idea of what to wear! Match it with fancy and sophisticated clutch and fashionable headwear and yeay you’re ready to go to a dinner or event !


THALASSA also offers a range of unique and bold accessories ! There are lots of different choices of long necklaces, statement necklaces, bracelets and rings! Browse them here and do tell me that you fall in love with one of their accessories’ collection haha!

So girls, an online shop like THALASSA is definitely a great choice! Be stylish head to toe with one online shop, where they have most of the fashionable pieces. Andddd most importantly they sell it with such a reasonable price! I think it’s worth it to own such a beautiful cloth with the price stated. So do check out THALASSA okay???


INSTAGRAM : @thalassaofficial

P/S : Ini adalah percubaan untuk menulis entry blog di dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Do correct me if there are any grammatical error :p


  1. omg nisa !! cantiknya rantai dengan jacket atas tu.nakkk. :D sobs.

  2. nisa nisa..nanti tanya thalassa tu.. ada tak nak pakai model tudung?? kalau ada, saya boleh rekemen sorang model tudung yang gila superb.. siap ada tutorial lagi pakai tudung lagi. muka macam minah arab.. comel betul.

    cuba bukak kat youtube.

  3. Do correct me if there are any grammatical error :p

    bukan 'are', tapi 'is' ..:)



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