Thursday, July 19, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang




Step up?? Step? Up??? STEP UP??????????

step up

Yea bebeh! Step Up is now back on track with a new revolution! Dance with me, dance! Dance! Dance! *the song On The Floor playing*


Step Up is one of my favorite film. I am really interested in film or drama scenes featuring dancing or using dance as the main subject. I think that dance is like an expression of feelings and actions. Dance is the art which are translated in the form of body movement..


And one more important thing about dance is.. Dance is also an .. err .. exercise. Yes people, you dance everyday, you can burn calories! Healthy right? Soooo… How I Step Up With Nuffnang ??



First of all, I would choose a theme to step up with Nuffnang. And the theme is.. ehemm.. of course KPOP DANCE! I choose kpop because kpop is the in thing now! Just go to kpop concert, or at least go to concert that featuring a kpop artist. You can see people go wild seeing all the cute faces of kpop artist and they will start screaming “Aaaahhhh!!! Oppa!! Saranghae!!”


So I decide to choose kpop dance to step up with Nuffnang. Because for me kpop dance is unique dan catchy. The steps are so beautiful if done in a group. And kpop songs are nice to hear and enjoy. And definitely it will attract attention of the crowd!


dance map

Now that we have the idea of theme and concept, so it’s time for YOUTUBE! Yes, Youtube is the source of magnificent numbers of video including movies, dramas, TV commercials, tutorials and many more! So lets not waste any more seconds, join me and watch more and more and more kpop dance videos!


From the videos watched in the youtube, I will combine a few dance steps from various kpop artists such as Girls Generations, Super Junior, T-Ara, Miss A and many more and develop it into our own step up dance! What do you think of it? This is my idea, so of course I will say it COOL, if you ask!



Okay now we have the rough idea how the step up with Nuffnang will look like, then I will find a dance instructor to help me to lead the people (all Nuffies MUST join!! kekekee~) in the dance training. The instructor will definitely help me and my friends with the steps and body movements.



So, my flash mob will have to take place in the famous Berjaya Times Square (BTS), Kuala Lumpur! Why I choose Berjaya Times Square? Well, first of all, BTS is my favorite place for shopping! You can get clothes of the latest trend with low price! BTS is an easily accessible shopping mall, and I think this place has enough space for the flash mob to happen. On weekend, there will be massive crowd here!



flash mob

So I imagine my STEP UP WITH NUFFNANG is more likely like in the above picture. So many people will join our flash mob. Heyyy it’s kpop! We can publish the video of our steps in the youtube and people can learn the dance. And yeah they can come and join us dance dance dance! Kbai.




Ape entah yang aku berangan kan ni.

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