Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dua Bulan


blog4You’re the one who took this picture.


  • You said… you want to learn more on photography and you want to take my pictures. A lot.
  • You said… you will never wear pink shirt, but one day when we were on skype you wore a pink shirt and you said that was only for my eyes.
  • You said… you will never leave the hand band that I gave you for your birthday, and I already see effort for that.
  • You said… you want me to write something about you in my blog and I’m doing it now.
  • You asked me once, why I never put our picture in my blog. I hope you still remember my answer.
  • I'm the one who promised you first that I will never miss texting good morning and good night wishes. But it seems that you’re the who never miss texting me every day and night.
  • And these two months, we know that we fought a lot eh? Why?
  • And these two months, I hold on to all of these. Tightly. And I have to think what I’m gonna do in two months + two months more.



Will you read? Bye bye.


  1. chomel.......

  2. hurm.... just think about the sweet moment u have at the past two month.. that will make u learn how to make next two month better... hehe...

    exchange banner ye... saje try buat.. x cantik.. hehee

  3. cm ade something wrong je nisa. huhu.

  4. chumelnyaaa...

    siapa lah boy yg lucky tu nisa?! :)

    good luck in ur current relationship tho.

  5. this is sweet , but seem so sad .

  6. Hello.Thanks sbb sudi tulis entry ni walaopong simple but it is very meaningful and baby i like it! aa aa i like it! (tetibe lagu Enrique Iglesias terkeluar) hehe. As usual u ske buat cite sedih kan :(
    btw, sje nk bgtau yg i've read this, i mean more 10 times? tyvm :)

  7. @Anonymous

    dear, i x buat cite sedh tau. hehe more than 10 times?? omgggg :P



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