Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 6 - A picture that makes you laugh

Haaaa this is interesting!

DSC_0361Picture by Hisyam Sidek from Creativeheart


See? This picture itself, and the story behind this picture really make me laugh! Hahaa sorry dear Myra and Kak Jia for putting our funny picture here :P

I love you girls. hehee…

Challenge Day 6, done. CLICK HERE to get to know more about the challenge.



LOL. bye bye..


..hizamirahim.. said...

ade yg melepas ke?

Nisa A. said...


dua budak juling laa yg melepas

alinac lover said...

hehheh comel je smua ya

yad'z said...

yang ujung skali paling lawak,.. hahaha

Nisa A. said...

@alinac lover

hehe thanks.

Nisa A. said...


eheh yeke

Bella Ayub said...

comel je semua.. yang paling comel tu yang pakai shawl hitam..

Nisa A. said...

@Bella Ayub

heheh yup kak jia mmg comel

niesz said...

so cute la korg 3org..lagi2 yg tudung itam tu..hahaha..klakar..

Nisa A. said...


cute kan :p

LoLyat Gang said...

ade pakwe ensem lalu kt depan kot
tu yg tgk sampai juling semua

Nisa A. said...

@LoLyat Gang

ahahha dorg jeee.. sy x juling :P

sab said...


Nisa A. said...


thankss :D

tulus sweet said...


Nisa A. said...

@tulus sweet

thanks :D

creativeheart said...


Nisa A. said...



dhayaluna said...

nice blog... :)
suka tgk shoutbox ad gmbr you.

Nisa A. said...


thankss dear :D

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