Saturday, January 15, 2011

DAY 1 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts (you don't have to reveal your face)


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Fifteen facts?


  1. Start blogging after influenced my brother, Meuz Angelo.
  2. Used to write about personal things in my blog because I think it’s like a virtual diary, but I didn’t know how to make it private. Hahahaa.
  3. I had few blogs before this, and deleted them because I decided to settle down with two main blogs only.
  4. I love photography, but still got many to learn. I share my photos in my second blog, Foto Kecil.
  5. I have a dream of running a blogshop with my bestie, Myra Amira.
  6. I prefer blog without autoplay song. It’s okay if your blog got song player, but I prefer the one that can be paused :)
  7. I prefer blog with least widgets. My eyes just can’t stand page with lotssss of widgets here and there :P
  8. The first male blog that I followed was my brother’s blog.
  9. The first female blog that I followed was.. errr… I can’t recall lah.. Oke let me name one of the most early female blog that I followed - Hanis Zalikha
  10. The most recent blog that I followed was Chocolazad, oh goshh I think I have fallen for their chocs! Look delicious!!
  11. My two must-read male blogs are Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin by my brother and Budak Lelaki Sebelah Pintu by Hizami Rahim.
  12. My two must-read female blogs are Cik Epal’s blog and Maria Elena is Greek Helen by Maria Elena Zarul.
  13. Before this I used 100% Blogger’s template and widget. Now I learn how to use HTML to make my blog neat and organized.
  14. Recently I do a lot of blogwalking to find blogs that provide simple Photoshop / HTML tutorial.
  15. I’m currently looking for blog with make up tutorial. Geez.. I really need to learn how to put eyeshadow on my own! Haha~


  • Oke there.. 15 facts, DONE!
  • Trying to be creative here, I put all the facts that related to me and blogging.
  • Enjoy reading :)
  • Challenge Day 1, done. CLICK HERE to get to know more about the challenge.


I love being myself. Totally grateful. Bye bye.


  1. i know which blog u can go for make up tutorial. i just love her touch:)

  2. @Bella

    ouhh thanks a lot for the info dear :)

  3. nak jugak reveal muke dia... hehe... naugthy... huhu



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