Monday, January 3, 2011

Aku, Dia dan DSLR [Part 6]

Whoaaa.. it’s been a while since I posted the entry Aku, Dia dan DSLR [Part 5]. I was so busy with packed classes. Ouhh actually not-so-packed lah. Hahaha but I got many activities since the new semester started about two months ago.

And many wonderful things happened to me, so I got many other things to update here. And I totally forgot that I did not do any self photo shoot lately. So, one day I got time and snap some pictures with my dearest Myra.

So in conjunction of the new year 2011, here is the PART 6 ! !


blog1Rainbow net shawl / ribbon clip / 2Tone Inner from Ayunar / Black half-cardi / White long top / Tracey’s skinny pants / Ankle boot courtesy of Anne

It was my attire for everyday class. I love to pair up skinny pants / skinny jeans with a long top. And actually I don’t have many long tops =.=” Yeahh gonna to add some in the wardrobe!



blog3Unedited picture. I’m so in love with my ribbon clip. I bought it during outing with beloved cousins at Temerloh. Ouh I miss my so-called-flawless face! Hahaa flawless ke?? It was before acne attack my face! Ouh Sad smile


blog 4My favorite picture of the day Red heart



Thanks for reading. Bye bye.


  1. hoit makcik... kau kalo ta letak gambau aku yg mcm haram tu jd feveret pic mmg ta sah kn... ko ni... nk kne neh...

  2. wah. memang model sambilankah?

  3. wah nice picture... ske tgk pompuan pakai ribbon or bunga2 tuh... cantik.. pastu warna tudung plak ceria.. walaaweyh.

  4. sangat cntik yang! ;) suke your boot taw! hee ;)

  5. nice!! shawl kite same ok!!!
    hehe... :)

  6. stylenya gi kelas, zana selebet je.. =P

  7. wah nisa gojess... speking london... hehehe..e.e

  8. @Myra Amira

    comel lah kau!!!
    aku sukaa :D

  9. @yad'z

    hahaa mane ade gojess
    bese2 aje ^^

  10. wah..sgt cantik...tsk..tsk..

  11. nisa kena ajar maera pkai tdg camtu~! ;)

  12. saudari cantik orangnya, tp lg cantik kalau berpakaian menutup aurat dgn sempurna ^_^

  13. salam..bley x kak nisa buat tutorial nak pkai rainbow shawl tue?
    sy nk cube pkai tp xpndai laa

  14. gambar nombor 1 tuh gaya feveret eh?
    hik hik


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