Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Will You Be . . .



Will you be the one who hold my hands through easy and hard times? Will you be the one who will to listen to me when I want to talk about something even though it's not a big matter? Will you be the one who will lend you shoulder for me to cry on? Will you be the one who will love me until the end?


Without any clear reason, I wrote these quotes as my facebook’s status. But clearly, I wrote this because I feel that I need someone that is willing to do the things I’ve stated above. I keep wondering, will there be any man, by any chance that willing to do these for me??

Suddenly, he texted me, “I’ll be the one.”

Me : (speechless)

Frankly speaking, as long as you don’t be clear towards me, I won’t put high hopes. I really feel comfortable with our current relationship, I don’t want all this crap destroy all what we have in a blink.

Get it?

Thanks for text me to wish morning and night every single day! Bye bye.


MisS bRoWn said...

best gler ade org wish tiap2 hari...dlu ayun penah gak org wish skg x dah..sedih sgt...:((

dreaming iylia.. said...

ayt menyayat hati. tp best. :-))

Nisa A. said...

@MisS bRoWn

nape skrg x dah?

Nisa A. said...

@dreaming iylia..

menyayat hati eyh..
tibe2 terlintas nak tulis ni. hehe~

loekloek said...

Ih lucu banget pic'y izin copy... :D

Nisa A. said...


ouh oke.

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