Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Waktu Santai


I don’t know what to write here. Tuesday was amazing. I finally went to Taman Tasik Shah Alam with my two buddies.

I went there because I miss the moments my friends and I shared. I will remember every single things that happened there.


IMG_7845 edited

It was a windy day. And I’m extremely happy of the great weather. Thank you Allah for such a beautiful evening.

I miss the place *cried* I miss the moments we had here. I wonder if we will still spending time together at the lake if we never moved from the hostel?


IMG_7844 edited


Never thought before that this place will become such a meaningful place to me. For the time spent here, for the words that have been said to me here, for everything that happened.

I hope the memory will never fade away, as long as this place exist.


IMG_7866 edited

I miss the times when we walked together to places, and passed by this lake.

This post is a tribute to all people that shared moments with me here, at this lake.

23rd May2009.




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creativeheart said...

bile nak edit gamba saya nie..

nisaGemok said...

bile pakai bende alah kat tgn tu.nmpk comey ouh !

Nisa A. said...


saya x pandai edit la hisyammm.. hehehe

Nisa A. said...


tu kawan bagi...

saya_arief said...

mcm model..

amalia izzati said...

teruja tgok. wehee. akak memg cntik :)

~Dilazul~ said...

wah..pandainya bergaya.seronok! :)

Nisa A. said...


haha model ke?
adehh xde lah

Nisa A. said...

@amalia izzati

thanks dear

Nisa A. said...


mane ade pandai..
bese2 aje :)

Anonymous said...

taman tasik shah alam? kenapalah kita tak pernah terjumpa kan? :)

Nisa A. said...

@Rara Nasiha

tu lah pasal~

Amirah Razlan said...

kak nisa mmg serius lawa ;)

Nisa A. said...

@Amirah Razlan

thanks dear amirah

Fatin Maisarah ♥ Chocolate said...

akak , akak lawaa laa kak . nak try laa style akak ni ;)

Nisa A. said...

@Fatin Maisarah ♥ Chocolate

hehee thankss~

♥fyqabunnies♥ said...

Lawa lawa lawa sngat :D ! Comel comel comel sangat :D ! Wee --

Nisa A. said...


thanks a lot dear :D

Anonymous said...

sys,lawanye skirt tuh.adore it :) mahal tak kalau nak beli suits yg mcm sys pakai dlm gmba atas nie ?

Nisa A. said...

@nurul ain

hehehe mahal ke? i ni selalu shopping kat tempat murah2 aje. hehee~

ruffled skirt tu RM15.
pink top tu RM10


♥ Cik Nur Elyana ♥ said...

hye nisa..nie nk tnya,nisa selalu beli brg online kat mana ea? please?? :)

nurul nabila bt medan said...


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