Saturday, October 23, 2010

Telling Me This

  • My illusion my mistake…
  • I do love games… I can play well if you play well too.
  • I can be a good player or bad one. but unfortunately I’m happy
  • unfortunately I start to get addicted to it.. unfortunately I love the way you play your character and UNFORTUNATELY I overjoyed it…
  • but, from the beginning i already know how the game will be played
  • and I’m damn ready for the consequences of the addiction and this new temptation of heart
  • no need to worry because I know I can be strong enough to face all the challenges and obstacle
  • and I know exactly how to end this game
  • I’m happy because I think I end this game peacefully, and with least regret
  • And I’m happy because I don’t need to ask questions to myself anymore and I’m not afraid anymore




currently listening to : Cinta Terakhir by Aiman

perasaan : I was trembled, REALLY…!!! I just can’t pull myself together when I stared your eyes.



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