Friday, September 24, 2010

State of Madness ???

  • am I?? am I?? ask my friend, Mike Shinoda Syida. she can tell the answer
  • and what’s the answer?? absolutely YES..!!  Nisa is in a state of madness!
  • ouhhh.. I am happy, as for now. but then I’m afraid.
  • I don’t want to hope too high, or else I will fall down and suffer from the pain



saya malu laaaa tadi…!! ouhh thankss Mike Shinoda Syida. hehee :D



 Mr.Fluffy itu. orang lain takleh pegang okeh?? hahaa…



saya janji akan jaga Mr.Fluffy elok elok. dan bawa ke mana mana okeh :D



  • don’t wanna say more
  • but I’m willing to wait and be patient.
  • suddenly I feel something is wrong.



perasaan : got a surprise for YOU!


Apa Reaksi Kamu??? Sila Taip Laju Laju Di Sini :)

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