Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Wondering

  • I'm wondering if you read my blog?
  • If you are a silent reader
  • If you are updating yourself with my latest activities and feelings?
  • Because I think I wrote too much here.
  • But of course you will never say anything to me.
  • And.. I wonder if I ever crossed your mind?

     Nothing to say. And nothing is need to be said. You suddenly come cross my mind.
    And I miss the good moments we shared.

    p/s : inner gorgeous warna tyran purple + pale yellow, buy here : Ayunar

    currently listening to : Last Night by P.Diddy ft Keyshia Cole
    perasaan : baby won't you come and take my pain away?


      1. marya hana :

        really.. thanxxx

      2. santek + sumil laa kamu !
        nice leh dapat ehh hihi

      3. sya suka ohh nmpak pic kamu bila pakai spek mata..sya search d google image "wanita melayu pakai spek mata" and sya jumpa pic kmu hehehe sorry sbb sya save pic kmu


      Apa Reaksi Kamu??? Sila Taip Laju Laju Di Sini :)

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