Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Fault?

  • I don’t know why is this happening
  • I never want this to happen
  • I never want to hope, but I fail
  • I never want to remember, but i fail


" The girl sat in the middle of the crowd. She stayed silent, while the others were chatting and laughing. The girl looked around her, looked one by one at the new faces she met. Suddenly she saw something that made her old scar bleed again. She saw him! The one that made her hoped, then dumped her. She stared at him, but he did not realize at all. Then the boy approached another girl, they talked a bit, then they kissed. The girl that stared them cried, her heart hurt so much. She stood up and shouted at them. Everyone went quiet suddenly, looked at the girl, and the kissing couple. The girl ran outside, the boy followed her.

Girl : How could you do this to me?? I am sorry for this feelings, but I just can't resist! Why were you being so harsh towards me??!!!

Boy : Did I failed to tell you that I want you to forget and leave me?!

The girl stopped, looked deeply in his eyes. But unfortunately, she could not see any hope left. She cried her heart out and ran away. She crossed a road and suddenly....

The boy screamed the girl's name. But it's too late, SHE'S GONE."



  • I woke up and found that I hurt my back for sleeping on the cold floor
  • I feel totally weak!
  • And my eyes and face were wet, seems like I've cried earlier!



perasaan : hanya sesetangah mimpi sahaja yang mampu kita ingat~

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