Monday, August 30, 2010

Jalan Hidup

it's hard when people look at you as the person that you're not.. and worse, they expect you to be like the person they imagine you are.

They do not know everything about you but they judge, they do not know what are your likes and dislikes but they ask you to do many things…  They hope that you will live your life exactly like what they want .

But no... you are not the person they want you to be.. you are YOU, yourself, you are the one who is going to decide where your life will be lead to …. and worse more.. they are saying that you are changing into someone else. ohh my.....



I’ve been waiting here for so long.. Why can’t you just see that I have deep feelings for you? Now you left me already. I’m all alone here. I thought all what we had was all we’d ever need.




perasaan : cuba cara editing photoshop CS3


nurihime said...

letak lens flare ye?

Hizami Rahim said...

nice pic!!!

SyerAgh said...

lawa gmbar tu.. ayat pun power.. tabik sama kamooo~!!

Afiqah Azmee said...

sedih sangat pulak~ :'(

creativeheart said...

serius lawa..

Pinky Pixie said...

wah2. pandai edit. ajarla.. =)

♥ Siapa pernah guna Celcom Broadband? ♥

♥ kisah aku, kau dan kancil ♥ said...

wah cam artis dh nisa nie.. nk sain??? hehhehe

Nisa A. said...

kak nik :

yeaaa betol!!
hehe saya baru cuba2 :)

Nisa A. said...

hizami :

heeee... thanxxx

Nisa A. said...

syeragh :

thanks dude!

Nisa A. said...

afiqah :

hehe kadangkala hidup x selalu d atas.
and we have to overcome the sadness :)

Nisa A. said...

hisyam sidek :

saya budak baru belajar :)
jarang ada masa nak geledah photoshop tu lagi dalam. ehhee


Nisa A. said...

pinky ;

heh mana ada pandai..
tu edit cincai aje maa..
ehhe saya pun baru belajar :D

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