Monday, July 5, 2010

Lots of Info

  • hanging out with one of my friend today
  • he was alone because his housemates went out 
  • after dinner we hang out at kopitiam, with one of our "popular senior"
  • i can say that the senior is a nice person actually
  • i mean he's the type of person that is approachable. haha
  • i like the way he thinks, open-minded i guess :P

 oouuhhhh itu dia pakcekk makcekk berkaca mata bingkai tebal. abaikan muka serabut aku!!

  • i'm looking forward to the next hang out with them
  • so funny, so open, so deep. ehemmm only we know wahaha
  • yeah, new experience i got. new idea for assignment are coming like waterfall (???).
  • yeahhh c'mon babyyyy come to mama!

perasaan : malam hilang tension

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