Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Wouldn’t You Let Me To?


not for me . . .

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 Sorry, I’m not being selfish, or cruel.

BUT, read me closely.. IF i forget it justtt like that, I will never learn how to be careful next time.


  • Life is all about learning, isn’t it?
  • We learn from mistakes, and experience is the best teacher.
  • So, what am I saying here is, the experience. I do forgive people, and that doesn’t mean that I’m totally over it.
  • READ : Once you been hurt, you can forgive, the pain will gone, the cut in your heart will heal, yes. BUT the scar will always be there.
  • Like it or not, hate it or love it, the scar happen to be exist, deep, really deep in your heart.
  • Yes of course you can forgive AND forget. But be careful, if you’re being too easy on it, it will come back. I mean the pain.
  • Like i said, i do not forget because that’s where i learn how to be careful. If we forget, we’ll be careless and be hurt again.
  • You want it? So in love with the pain huh? But not me.

enough is enough

  • dont keep complaining as if you’re not a part of the problem
  • i’m tired. oh by the way, i’m also a human being, who makes mistakes.
  • how i wish i can have people around me to support me in changing and be better and better
  • and i hope so for them too
  • i keep praying that we can just stop all the blaming and complaining, and be together and make everything happen. err get it?
  • oh ye you watched yourself too. realize.


pesanan penaja : oh ye aku bukan perempuan baik ye? aku jahat, ye lah semua yang jahat tuh meh sini mehhhhh bagi kat aku! biar ke-suci-an tu kau yang punya. eh eh baik nyeee aku?? HA HA HA!!! *ngenggg!!!!*



perasaan : ape aku tulis nih? heh paham ke tak eh???



  1. memang betul hidup ni adalah mengenai belajar, tapi yang penting jangan ulangi kesalahan . kesilapan yang sama..

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  2. Rasanya faham kot...he3...

    salam perkenalan....

  3. Salam,

    Sabar jer dik,pengalaman tu kadangkala menyakitkan, tapi memberi pengajaran.be yourself.

  4. sharinginfoz :

    betol sangat2 tuh



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