Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let Me Fall, And I’ll Learn From The Pain

  • how could i explain?
  • am i ever be able to explain?
  • or will i die before i can explain?
  • what i want to explain? it’s complicated
  • i never wanted to think, but ouhhh i can’t do it!!
  • bad things and good things happened
  • we have our own sweet and bitter memory.
  • blah blah i just want to erase my past, get amnesia or whatever that can make me forget
  • the past had moulded me to who i am today
  • oh goshhh.. am i like it? or i hate it but i’m helpless to do anything?
  • how would i say it?
  • i want to fall, and learn from the pain, learn from the most stupid mistake i ever done, so that i wont repeat it
  • but i cant, i cant even bear just to think what i have to do to face the consequences
  • but if i didnt think, it’ll be bad.
  • ouhhh… what did i said?

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