Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Want A Cake

  • no celebration. but what I want is just one, one piece of cake will do
  • errr.. chocolate cake please?? hehe i’m not a a fan of vanilla or strawberry or bla bla
  • i dont hope for presents, enough for me if you remember the day i get older
  • i wish to God, to make my parents happy, and give me blessings, so that my upcoming examination results will get better and better. I wish that my friends and family will be happy always. Amin….~

 Snapshot_20100608_2 EDITED gambar ni bakal jadi nostalgia 10 tahun lagi

*errkkk.. ade rupa dah bertambah umur??*

perasaan : i love my family and friends, and i love blogging



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