Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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my friend, Ayu once said …

dont cry for a guy,
let a guy cry for you,
'cause girls give and forgive,
but guys get and forget.

but…. i’ve cried because of guy before.

so how???

love is pain, but we addicted to the pain, Big Daddy said. yes yes, it’s freaking true!!! without the pain, life is soooo meaningless. how lame. owhhh but i hate the feeling of disappointed and frustration because of guys. why? why? why? nobody wants to be hurt. because heart is fragile. and it has to be taken care of, not to hurt and break it.

i’m tired of heartbroken, i’m done with it. because like Ika said, when a heart breaks, it dont break even. yes.. absolutely! because it will break into lots and lots of tiny pieces and its hopeless to mend it together as it was. and as i said, i’m DONE. hate to find the scattered pieces of my heart and keep trying to mend it back. hooooohhhh~ tired.

by the way, i hate waiting. but this time i will be patient with it!

perasaan : lagu cinta dicintai. tibe tibe mood jiwang. ppffftttt~



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