Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No One Knows . .

mulut sorry aku curi gambar kau. AHAKS..!!

  • yes nobody knows
  • only ME know the truth
  • of what had happened before
  • that eventually make me and you like this now
  • sorry for all those things that happened
  • i am not purposely did that
  • i have my own reasons and it’s very hard to explain
  • because i know you’ll never understand, because you never want to actually
  • I am truly sorry
  • I don’t even bother about it anymore, because I know that you are NOT sincere at all.
  • You are NOT sincere of what you have said before.
  • And please, what are your intention??
  • to make everyone believe the lies that came out from your mouth?
  • To show ‘em that I’m the one who should be blamed for?
  • Please la, I know better and please don’t drag the innocents to involve in this matter.
  • so deary, shut your f***ing mouth
  • i’m done with it. but I’m glad that i can be patient until now. so be grateful with it!
  • and lots and lots of THANK YOU.


perasaan : sorry tiba tiba rasa nak taip nih  –_-‘


      1. mmg ada org suka menipu walaupn dia tau org dh tau yg dia tu menipu

      2. tu lah kan. ape tujuan dia mneipu?? pdhl org dah tahu kisah sebenar. wat malu jek,....

      3. teringat lagu kumpulan 'wonder girls' -nobody- (tetiba..)ahaks..

      4. dont say sorry when you dont do any mistakes..woman like to say sorry a lot..with no reasons..it will just degrade yourself..write what you want as long as you dont hummiliate anybody..it's not wrong..be proud of yourself..




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