Saturday, April 17, 2010

Macam Tak Percaya

  • things do change
  • time brought us to another part of life
  • where we will find that we HAVE to decide to let go what’s not yours
  • and we will realize that IF we miss a chance or something valuable, there will be something worthy waiting for you, better than what you have missed
  • so don't pissed of with life so much
  • life is miracle
  • life is round, we will earn our experience through what we have in everyday life
  • and THAT experience teach us about life lesson

Photo 1493

  • it have been quite a time until i found this
  • something that is hard to explain
  • difficult to perceive
  • “let me be the only one who understand what it means”

suddenly this song sound so beautiful to me… and i keep listen to this song for several time until i fell asleep….

perasaan : post tu aku sorang je la yang faham~

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